Hey there,

I’m Francis Michael Hosking, currently I’m 18 years old and I’m studying at the British International School Phuket. I’m in year 12 and doing the International Baccalaureate program here (1st year of IB).

I am very fond of my favourite hobby, football and also a proud member of the Cruzeiro Academy based over here in Phuket, Thailand. When I’m not on the football field nor studying, you may be able to find me either on the basketball court shooting some hoops or playing many other sports with my friends.

During my holidays, I go to exotic places and I love trying new things, however my favourite ‘second’ hobby may be snow boarding in New Zealand with my close friends and family.

I am aiming to achieve at least 40 points in IB and hopefully go to my dream universities in the US or UK. I would love to study Business – entrepreneurship and/or management since this would probably be my goals for the future.

Thank you for visiting my site, if you have any questions, ask me on my Facebook, Instagram or even my e-mail.


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