On 16 November the BISP Cruzeiro Football Academy Over 15 boys team played in the newly organised PISAC (Phuket Island Sports Athletic Conference) football tournament at HeadStart. Firstly I would like to say a massive thank you from my team to all the schools for organising and inviting us to the competition.

The level of football, from my 15 years in Phuket, has improved massively amongst the international schools over the recent years, and this tough competition is definitely what we were missing in Phuket.

The tournament consisted of three teams: UWC Thailand, host school HeadStart, and BISP Cruzeiro. I know in the coming years, the level and number of schools at this competition will grow and I am proud to be one of the first to play in it. The tournament itself was challenging and we played well in both our games, winning first place.

The sportsmanship and commitment from all the players was outstanding and the tournament was carried out in a professional fashion. I would once again like to say a massive thank you to the coaches, fans and players for making this tournament one to remember – now for the BISP Soccer Sevens!